Pathway to Apprenticeship –  Engineering

Code: 5M2061


Duration: 1 year(March – March)


The aim of this programme is to provide a pathway for people who want to start on a career in an engineering field. It takes place with the employer and in the college which provides the learner with training and practical experience in the working environment. In addition to further developing the skills and knowledge gained during the off -the -job training elements, the learner will develop the competence and self-confidence to consistently perform to industrial standards. The skills and learning that is learned in the college can be practised and developed in the work place. When completed, the learner will have gained a broad foundation of knowledge and skills across the different Engineering disciplines, especially those in Building Construction, Computer Aided Drafting, Engineering processes and Material Science. In addition, the mathematical and soft skills learned through the Safety and Health at Work, communications and work experience modules will ensure that the learner progressing to an apprenticeship have the desired quality, suitability and competency for the courses.

Course content

• 5N1608 QQI Level 5 Engineering Workshop Processes
• 5N2136 QQI Level 5 Engineering Workshop Theory
• 5N1833 QQI Level 5 Mathematics
• 5N0690 QQI Level 5 Communications
• 5N1356 QQI Level 5 Work Experience
• 5N1570 QQI Level 5 Building Construction
• 5N1794 QQI Level 5 Safety and Health at Work
• 5N1604 QQI Level 5 Computer Aided Drafting (2D)

    Entry requirements


    No formal education or qualifications are required although applicants may have participated in primary and secondary education. Applicants will be expected to demonstrate a standard of knowledge, skill and competence equivalent to NFQ Level 4 when accessing a Level 5 programme.



    Applicants must have a motivation to learn, an interest in the subject and the ability to acquire the knowledge, skills and competencies set out in the course.

    Previous Experience:

    Applicants must be able to demonstrate a moderate range of knowledge, skills and competencies relevant to the course, be able to work with responsibility and demonstrate the ability to work on their own initiative.


    • QQI Level 5 Engineering Technology 5M2061
    • First Aid
    • Manual Handling Training
    • Safe Pass
    • CPR

    Ms. Lisa Horgan

    Course Coordinator



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